Monday, December 21, 2015

New Frontiers for FTR and Verizon VZ

Now that Frontier Communications Corp has been cleared to purchase Verizon's land line operations one would expect happier horizons for Verizon amid the new Frontier, both of which one might expect to go UP at some point in 2016. But with the laggard economy and a bearish stock market, it may take till a new political regime in 2017 to shake things up again.

disclosure: I do own shares in both FTR and VZ. One of them has to make me some money (or maybe not)

No more trust in Mesabi Trust? (Nyse:MSB)

So you think MSB might go up? Well I got news for ya, it will probably go way down!
It seems that last October the board, or others who do the financial reports to the SEC got a little behind on things and didn't quite make the deadline for filing the October dividend paperwork. Of course, that meant no October dividend and the price plunged....and plunged...and plunged...and slowly keep falling. If I had been smater then, I would have shorted MSB and made a handsome profit, but no, I merely decided it was time to bail on a once dandy dividend trust stock.
It will be interesting to see what happens in January when, I predict, the board will conveniently find another way out of paying a dividend, thus ensuring the stock value will fall further leaving hapless investors holding the "short" end of the stick.

full disclosure: I USED to have shares in MSB, but no more!

Saturday, June 01, 2013

So much happening since my last post....

Where should I begin? Benghazi,? the November "election"? and now we find that our trusted IRS has been playing dirty pool against conservative groups and individuals at the behest of the DOJ and yes, we will eventually find out, the White House.

And through all of this our dear Heimat-Abteilung: Sicherheit, otherwise known by the warm and fuzzy name of Department of Homeland Security, has been spying on all of us micro size individual conservatives as though we were enemies of the state!

Here is a little list of their favorite "watch" words they scan through blogs, facebook and other social media venues:


This could almost be one of those word games. Take a word from the first group followed by a word from the second and third to make triple scary searches for their tireless computer to find!

But wait there's more!!!


 You could even make full sentences out of some of these: Tijuana Mexico drug war gunfight of illegal immigrants at meth lab under US Consulate escalates into violence.

And when you thought there weren't any more, look again!

Monday, September 03, 2012

National "Empty Chair Day"

Clint Eastwood has given great inspiration for what is rapidly becoming National Empty Chair Day. Eastwood addressed an empty chair as part of his speech at the RNC convention last week. It was a fitting metaphor for a President who has no record to run on and has sealed any records that might show who he really is. honor of empty chair day....

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The BIG lie of the health care mandate....

It really is a tax as decided by none other than the Supreme Court of the United States!

So, all those liberals who think that they are helping those without insurance are going to find out next year that not only will it not help those whom they intended, it will increase their own taxes which will go straight into the bank accounts of the insurance industry without helping the uninsured.

Way to go Democrats!
The party of greatly increased taxation without representation
The party of social servitude by keeping the poor always poor.
The party of eugenics and population control and the KKK
The party of abortion for all paid for by all without choice or freedom
The party that speaks of religious freedom but mandates religious subservience
The party that fought against equal rights while championing equal rights.