Saturday, October 27, 2007

12 Million less Jobs that Americans will do

So, if the Repulicrats, er i mean Demicans, get their way with instant amnesty for those alleged 12 million illegals residing in the great US of A, There may be a perilous situation where there are no more illegals to do those jobs Americans won't do. Hmmm. Think about it. If in one instant Congress decides that say, as of 12:01 am Jan 1, 2009 all people illegal or otherwise are now American Citizens, then in that same instant there are no longer any jobs that Americans won't do. Since currently the buzz word is that we need illegal immigrants to do the jobs that regular Americans won't do, then after the illegals are naturalised there become a vacuum in the status quo. Uh oh! Better let some more illegal border crossing happen and quick! Nature and the American way abhor a vacuum.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

A test of embedding my youtube private video

this is just a test for now and the real text will be added later.

hopefully this works...
Note if using dial up connection it will take about 10 minutes to load. Best is to click play button to start the download, then shortly after click the pause button at the lower left. The video will keep downloading in the background while you can go about visiting other web pages in a new window/tab. once it is downloaded then click play again and the video will play normally.