Monday, October 30, 2006

For those of us Californians

Wow, what an election we have!

Thirteen initiatives including some non-popular (not written by or for the people) propositions like the wee little power grab by our LaLa Land city council.
Oh and those wunnerful, wunnerful state initiatives like prop 87, the highest gas prices in the nation initiative...Do our elected politicians truly think we are that STUPID ?
I suppose it goes along with some of our candidates, like Jerry 'moonbeam' Brown running for Attorney General. Right....Uh Huh.

Nearly 40 BILLION in propositions!!!

Our economy is doing great and now greedy politicians want o grab the money to "finish" those dear projects we already indebted ourselves for just a few years ago. What happened to the money? The politicians claim 'increased costs' (otherwise known as pocket padding) and junkets to "learn" how to accomplish their pet projects.

Easy way is to vote NO on the big money propositions.

CNN, Corrupt News Nightly

Leave it to the fifth column terrost broadcast network CNN to aid and abet the enemy by shamelessy showing terrorist propoganda. If this was WWII, they would have been tried for treason. Thank the liberal media they haven't. Each time they do this they show their true colors as friends of our enemies.