Friday, April 29, 2011

Will Obama be the 'End of America"?

When will the craziness known as the presidency of Barak Obama, the Democrat Party "chosen one" finally end? If we all do our part, it will be in November of 2012.

Every day we hear or read something new about how devastating "Obamacare" will be for this country. Remember that without a willing Democrat Party, Obamacare could not exist. The Democrat Party in psuhing for and signing off on Obamacare has made their pact with the devil and will soon find that the devil plays very unfair with those he makes deals with. Those Democrats who believed they were doing the "right" thing for America are finding out that America now hates them (the Democrat Party) for the despicable lie that has come to be known as "Obamacare".

I must confess that after an interesting discussion this evening, that the American Socialist Revoultion has already come upon us since November 2008. Without immediate course change, America is marching willingly by all accounts, toward full fledged Socialism. Much like Germany embraced the National Socialists, America is embracing the much more subtle Democratic Party of Socialism. The Democrat(ic) Party is hardly a democracy in the original sense of the word and mostly an official party supporting the Socialist agenda.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Time to shut down a dysfunctional Federal government!!!

Why is everyone so afraid of the Federal government shutting down?

The Democrats had their chance last October to pass a budget with essentially zero resistance. Instead, they opted to play politics and spend their efforts on re-electing themselves (and losing) rather than their elected duty to the country.

Republicans are worried that Democrats will try to pin blame on this budget on them. Fear not. The Democrats will ALWAYS try to blame Republicans for anything they can anyway!

Hold fast, hold your ground. Force the Democrats to finally eat the s**t they made out of the budget process.