Saturday, May 19, 2007

Where does one's right to disturb another come from?

These days, with all the summer parties, there is also a plethora of parties with infernal boom box music blaring forth. When did our society become so anti privacy by allowing and even condoning such behaviour? Boom box cars are regularly heard long before they are seen and late night parties boom and thump into the early morning hours in the once quiet suburbia. Have we as a society in general become to deadened to other people's senses that we deaden our own with this constant infernal racket?

While everyone has a right to have a party in their backyard, they also have a responsibility to be their neighbors with regard to the noise they make. It seems that the fundamental problem in this country (stemming from a liberal left0 is a lack of responsibility for one's own actions. Society is too permissive when it comes to disciplining itself and the scofflaws who flaunt this permissiveness.

Ay caramba! Norte Mexicano's segundo Dia del Mayo

What is it with the concept of ILLEGAL immigration and Mexico that liberals seem to be so unable to connect? Why do we have 12 MILLION illegals within our borders? Isn't anyone watching our border, or is it all too easy to saunter north into the USA and mooch off the people.

Why do these illegal immigrants feel that they are entitled to MORE than the legal immigrants? What have they done to deserve to cut into the front of the line of legal immigrants who have gone through the necessary due process? To allow amnesty is to reward their illegal behaviour and will only serve as precedent for more amnesties in the future.

Why bother to assimilate when the US allows them the privilege of ballots in 15 or so languages? Driver tests and DMV forms in more languages. What happens to the immigrant who takes the test in a native language yet still has to read those pesky English only road signs?

We have US banks and now a local credit union vying for their money, why not spend as much effort on regulating our border? Nah, no cheap labor for Los Estados Unidos!!! Ever notice how Home Depot caters to the illegals while Lowe's clearly does NOT?! A compelling argument to boycott Home Depot and support Lowe's. While Home Depot would never hire any illegals, they sure do cater to them as cheap labor for contractors.

Has anyone noticed the very left liberal connection of May 1st as a universal dia del revolucion? Coincides neatly with the Marxist May day parades of communism, and many other leftist anti-democratic revolutions. Illegal immigrant rights groups are clearly and openly identifying with a very anti American ideal.