Saturday, June 01, 2013

So much happening since my last post....

Where should I begin? Benghazi,? the November "election"? and now we find that our trusted IRS has been playing dirty pool against conservative groups and individuals at the behest of the DOJ and yes, we will eventually find out, the White House.

And through all of this our dear Heimat-Abteilung: Sicherheit, otherwise known by the warm and fuzzy name of Department of Homeland Security, has been spying on all of us micro size individual conservatives as though we were enemies of the state!

Here is a little list of their favorite "watch" words they scan through blogs, facebook and other social media venues:


This could almost be one of those word games. Take a word from the first group followed by a word from the second and third to make triple scary searches for their tireless computer to find!

But wait there's more!!!


 You could even make full sentences out of some of these: Tijuana Mexico drug war gunfight of illegal immigrants at meth lab under US Consulate escalates into violence.

And when you thought there weren't any more, look again!