Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hope you have some change left after the liberals...

...throw the USA into the financial toilet. Even with the open dissent toward congress regarding the health care back stabbing, Nancy Pelosi is still dead set on ruining this country before she loses the 2010 midterm election. The health care debacle, once enacted will be virtually impossible to retract and in being so entrenched will bankrupt every citizen of this once proud country. But, hey what do the democraps care? they only want your vote, and maybe your firstborn (or not having one, they'll take your life by squeezing any money out of you till you do croak)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

President and Liar in Chief vs. the truth

Well, it has been a while since I last posted here. Politically, it is becoming the perfect storm as liberal Democrats attempt to force America into socialist health care even though the majority of Americans do not support "single payer" socialised health care as proposed by Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. In August while congress was on vacation, most Democrat representatives held town hall meetings to raise support for "Obamacare", facing angry crowds at every turn. Some representatives absconded their duty as representatives and refused to listen to their constituents, with one going so far to openly defy the majority in his own district!

Last week, fearless leader- Obama- spoke live to a joint session of congress to sell his version of Obamacare. At one point in his speech, Rep. Joe Wilson (R, SC) spontaneously shouted "you lie!". The way the liberal Democrats responded to that outburst you would think Wilson had uttered blasphemies in a sacred house of worship. Yes, congress does demand decorum, but it is hardly a sacred institution. Rep. Wilson is correct that Obama is lying. Obama is a pathological liar.

Why won't Obama release his birth certificate?
There is a truth he doesn't want revealed.

Why won't Obama give specifics to his health care plan?
He has no clue how to make it work.

Why does Obama appoint "czars" who have no qualifications and numerous negative legal issues?
He has no real governing experience, no management experience and clearly has never had to do a pre-employment background check on anyone.

Who supports Obama when he is clearly lying?
The media, the DNC, and appointed cronies who surround him.