Friday, December 14, 2007

Todays stock market sucks!

I figured out why the stock market these days is such a risky place to invest! There are waaaaayyy too many armchair investors nurturing a few lonely long shot stocks. They hope that their ship will come in soon.... oh to wish it would. Problem is that with SO many online investors who don't have the guts to wait out a market correction, they all start selling which causes a crash, much like what happened when automated trading hit the market in the late 1980's (with disatrous results-causing the markets to completely shut down!). Now rather than computers, we have far more skittish investors watching their retirements go flushing down the stock market drain. Didn't a previous president say things about privatizing social security by having everone invest in the stock market? Hmmmm, well nowadays everyone IS invested in the stock market by way of 401K, IRA, and Stock accounts like E-trade and Ameritrade. If only all these armchair investors would use some restraint, the market wouldn't swing so wildly. 300 points in a day is almost the norm now! (that's roughly 2.3% change, still less than the great crashes of yesteryear).

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Is PayPal really your "Pal"

Back on November first I received a lovely email from PayPal stating my account had been "limited". Limited meaning I can't do anything with it really.
I spent over two hours on the phone trying to resolve an issue that was never really an issue in the first place! Since the phone call isn't free, I'm paying the phone company for usage time for a toll call to fix a problem that shouldn't have been!
I had logged onto PayPal via a different computer than I normally use, which apparently caused an erroneous "third party use" alarm which then limited my account. Ok, I try to follow the online steps to clear the limitation, particularly entering the bank routing information. That kept failing, which then requred me to hunt through the PayPal website to find the contact number. Being on hold for over 45 minutes I finally reach an operator. In the process of "resolving" the account routing information, the battery on my phone quits, which of course hangs up the call. Great...Calling back again, waiting on hold...again...I reach an operator who is able to reset the bank routing information, but the account remains limited. I follow the steps online including the phone verification, which also failed, causing me to wait more than a full calendar week for the snail mail code to arrive.
How then does PayPal expect merchants to be faithful to a system that penalises them if they need to acces their account from a different terminal/location. If I travel and use a remote terminal (ie;internet cafe), will my account be limited again and I suffer through two weeks of NOT being able to transact business via PayPal? I can understand the need for vigilance, but I think the current policy toward limiting accounts is too sensitive when accountholders use remote terminals.
On the whole it took two full weeks for that simple problem to be resolved. Fortunately for me I only had $50 in the account at the time. A lesson learned from this is not to let the PayPal balance grow too high lest they hold my money ransom again.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

12 Million less Jobs that Americans will do

So, if the Repulicrats, er i mean Demicans, get their way with instant amnesty for those alleged 12 million illegals residing in the great US of A, There may be a perilous situation where there are no more illegals to do those jobs Americans won't do. Hmmm. Think about it. If in one instant Congress decides that say, as of 12:01 am Jan 1, 2009 all people illegal or otherwise are now American Citizens, then in that same instant there are no longer any jobs that Americans won't do. Since currently the buzz word is that we need illegal immigrants to do the jobs that regular Americans won't do, then after the illegals are naturalised there become a vacuum in the status quo. Uh oh! Better let some more illegal border crossing happen and quick! Nature and the American way abhor a vacuum.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

A test of embedding my youtube private video

this is just a test for now and the real text will be added later.

hopefully this works...
Note if using dial up connection it will take about 10 minutes to load. Best is to click play button to start the download, then shortly after click the pause button at the lower left. The video will keep downloading in the background while you can go about visiting other web pages in a new window/tab. once it is downloaded then click play again and the video will play normally.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Made in America?

Is anything made in America anymore? It seems that even American names have sold out to manufacturing in China. China, land of great pollution and poison products being exported to USA. Seems that lately even our produce is being imported from China. Take a look at the country of origin for much of the produce at your local supermarket, I guarantee a surprise in store as you find formerly locally grown items are now imported items from (da da daaa) China.

If we don't get off our lazy American asses, we will be a third world country begging for scraps from the polluted wastelands of modern day China. Keep in mind that the Chinese government has NO food and drug guidelines. They care little about what chemicals are in their exports, so long as lazy Americans are willing to forgo quality (product safety) over price(lowest cost regardless).

I bring this up in my search for an American made push mower. Seems companies like Great States, American Mower and such while still American owned have sent all their production overseas to......China! More profit for the owners, less GNP for America! What an economy we live in!

Start looking at the labels of where things are made and make the conscious choice to actually buy American even if the price is higher. Why? If enough people do this the prices will drop because it will make business sense to produce locally again rather than halfway around the planet.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Paris Hilton, a sad reminder of why everyone wants to be rich and famous

Ahhh, to be rich AND famous! The law doesn't apply to you. This attitude sure explains why so many trash want to become rich and famous, no need to spend real incarceration time for crimes! What a deal!

Flaunt the law and the sheriff's department will even HELP you get out of jail. (only if you're a rich bimbo hotel heiress)

Of course the sheriff's department does this in the name of reducing "overcrowding". There must be an awful lot of not so famous people being locked up then to cause such overcrowding in the first place....

Reminder: next time Sheriff Baca comes up for re election, send him out to pasture too.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

What is it with trashy, noisy neighbors anyway?

White trash, blck trash, mexican traxh, whatever....they all share the same zeal for forcing their music and culture on everyone around them, yet get oh so upset if their "rights" are trampled by the neighbors who would rather NOT hear their trash party!

Boom box hiphop "music" (noise rather) blasting out for all the neighborhood to hear and "enjoy" what a crock of %$!^ ! Do we the citizen who would enjoy a quiet evening have as much right to quiet as they have to make gawd-awful rackets they call parties every weekend?

Between the shhhh-BoooooMMMM, an Ommm Pa pa, Ommmm pa pa of cheesy mariachi music with equally cheesy lyrics en espanol for those illegals who cared not to learn a whit of english.

Worst part is the hassle when calling the police!!! 25 minutes of waiting after navigating a voice mail system! They should just set up a hotline to report noisy parties. It would be far simpler for the police departments since there are so many annoying parties in the San Fernando Valley, (darling home of various shades of human trash who foist their obnoxious, utterly pointless," music?" er noise on the rest of society.)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Where does one's right to disturb another come from?

These days, with all the summer parties, there is also a plethora of parties with infernal boom box music blaring forth. When did our society become so anti privacy by allowing and even condoning such behaviour? Boom box cars are regularly heard long before they are seen and late night parties boom and thump into the early morning hours in the once quiet suburbia. Have we as a society in general become to deadened to other people's senses that we deaden our own with this constant infernal racket?

While everyone has a right to have a party in their backyard, they also have a responsibility to be their neighbors with regard to the noise they make. It seems that the fundamental problem in this country (stemming from a liberal left0 is a lack of responsibility for one's own actions. Society is too permissive when it comes to disciplining itself and the scofflaws who flaunt this permissiveness.

Ay caramba! Norte Mexicano's segundo Dia del Mayo

What is it with the concept of ILLEGAL immigration and Mexico that liberals seem to be so unable to connect? Why do we have 12 MILLION illegals within our borders? Isn't anyone watching our border, or is it all too easy to saunter north into the USA and mooch off the people.

Why do these illegal immigrants feel that they are entitled to MORE than the legal immigrants? What have they done to deserve to cut into the front of the line of legal immigrants who have gone through the necessary due process? To allow amnesty is to reward their illegal behaviour and will only serve as precedent for more amnesties in the future.

Why bother to assimilate when the US allows them the privilege of ballots in 15 or so languages? Driver tests and DMV forms in more languages. What happens to the immigrant who takes the test in a native language yet still has to read those pesky English only road signs?

We have US banks and now a local credit union vying for their money, why not spend as much effort on regulating our border? Nah, no cheap labor for Los Estados Unidos!!! Ever notice how Home Depot caters to the illegals while Lowe's clearly does NOT?! A compelling argument to boycott Home Depot and support Lowe's. While Home Depot would never hire any illegals, they sure do cater to them as cheap labor for contractors.

Has anyone noticed the very left liberal connection of May 1st as a universal dia del revolucion? Coincides neatly with the Marxist May day parades of communism, and many other leftist anti-democratic revolutions. Illegal immigrant rights groups are clearly and openly identifying with a very anti American ideal.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Espanol esta segunda lingua por Los Estados Unidos?

Not if I can help it!!!

When has Spanish become the unofficial "official" second language of this country?

While it is nice to help those Mexicans who refuse or can't learn to speak English, why do we as a country spend so much effort catering to one specific ethnic identity which refuses to assimilate? Most other ethnic groups fall into such at third place category as to only garner very local second language usage for street signs or business signs. Why does this country spend so much effort capitulating to Mexico?

As an economy, Mexico hardly poses a threat to America, yet we seem uncharacteristically afraid of any action that might be perceived as American-nationalistic toward Mexico. The very idea of maintaining a secure border with Mexico is seen by liberals as unAmerican, yet with the same breath, we strive to secure our airports against foreign invasion to a degree unsurpassed at the US-Mexico border!!!

Perhaps it will take as "peaceful" muslim* terrorist coming in via the Mexican border to scare the liberal establishment into taking proper action to secure our border.

Maybe it is time to pull our troops from Iraq and have them protecting our border here instead? Personally I feel we will need to maintain troop presence in Iraq to control the warring factions and prevent a power vacuum which allows unsavory (to the US) leaders from rising to power.

*Keeping in mind that islam professes to be a religion of peace while advocating the killing of all who are considered un-convertable infidels.

Back to our usual programming

Well after my posts here regarding a certain BBS that I rarely frequent (or will mention) anymore, perhaps I should write about new BBS sites that hold considerbly more promise than an ailing "Byzantine Catholic" board. has succumbed to being a battleground between rival camps who are more stubborn than mules.

The bright side of BBS's comes from gems like these which I have devoted more of my time to:

Metropolitan Cantor Institute

Practical Machinist

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Last post about Byzcath....I hope

Originally posted by Michael R:
"My priest said last night that he is upset. That all the priests are upset. I do not know this Professor Thompson but my priest told me that he is a former Roman Catholic priest. So it is clericalism all the way around. Why did the bishops hire a former Roman Catholic priest to be in charge of our music? My priest also told me that the bishops hired a Roman Catholic choir from Chicago to make the tapes of how to sing the New Divine Liturgy. Why are the bishops bringing in Roman Catholics to teach Byzantine Catholics how to sing? I guess that shows that the bishops think that Roman Catholics are better. We sing very well in my parish thank you. "

Though tonight your priest now indicates he learned of PROF Thompson's past with the Johnstown Orthodox Diocese. Your priest, like many on this board unfortunately repeated incorrect information without bothering to verify it. It is such behaviour that has fueled such distrust and disagreement within our church. In this age of instant communication such misinformation spread about carelessly, while not slanderous in intent, has the same effect upon the individual as deliberate slander. Once slander gets out, it becomes harder to rectify the slander even when evidence (truth) clearly shows the misinformation.

While we have dislikes, disagreements, and discussions about the "RDL","NDL","revisionist" liturgy here, we should not use the bulletin board as a platform for scapegoating or defamation.