Saturday, June 09, 2007

What is it with trashy, noisy neighbors anyway?

White trash, blck trash, mexican traxh, whatever....they all share the same zeal for forcing their music and culture on everyone around them, yet get oh so upset if their "rights" are trampled by the neighbors who would rather NOT hear their trash party!

Boom box hiphop "music" (noise rather) blasting out for all the neighborhood to hear and "enjoy" what a crock of %$!^ ! Do we the citizen who would enjoy a quiet evening have as much right to quiet as they have to make gawd-awful rackets they call parties every weekend?

Between the shhhh-BoooooMMMM, an Ommm Pa pa, Ommmm pa pa of cheesy mariachi music with equally cheesy lyrics en espanol for those illegals who cared not to learn a whit of english.

Worst part is the hassle when calling the police!!! 25 minutes of waiting after navigating a voice mail system! They should just set up a hotline to report noisy parties. It would be far simpler for the police departments since there are so many annoying parties in the San Fernando Valley, (darling home of various shades of human trash who foist their obnoxious, utterly pointless," music?" er noise on the rest of society.)

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