Saturday, May 19, 2007

Where does one's right to disturb another come from?

These days, with all the summer parties, there is also a plethora of parties with infernal boom box music blaring forth. When did our society become so anti privacy by allowing and even condoning such behaviour? Boom box cars are regularly heard long before they are seen and late night parties boom and thump into the early morning hours in the once quiet suburbia. Have we as a society in general become to deadened to other people's senses that we deaden our own with this constant infernal racket?

While everyone has a right to have a party in their backyard, they also have a responsibility to be their neighbors with regard to the noise they make. It seems that the fundamental problem in this country (stemming from a liberal left0 is a lack of responsibility for one's own actions. Society is too permissive when it comes to disciplining itself and the scofflaws who flaunt this permissiveness.

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