Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Frustraitions with online banking

A few thoughts on the changes at Kinecta

The new site is working more often than before, but it is still frustrating to see;

"This service is temporarily unavailable. Please contact Customer Support if this problem persists."

on the Credit Card page so often. It used to be only once a month during the billing cycle, now it seems to be every week!

It is disappointing, having been a member since 1993, before the name change. I had specifically changed my banking to Hughes to get away from the far worse Bank of America. This latest bit of frustration is making me re-think whether to keep Hughes, now Kinecta, as my primary financial institution.

Shareholder loyalty is a two way street.

I chose to do the online banking because it offered so much.
Finances became much easier to manage.
Lately it has become the source of concern, when critical payments are due and service isn't available.
I opted out of "electronic statements only" because of the uncertainty of the availability of the website. (I have done this for my other online credit union accounts for exactly the same reason).
Also, I am told "electronic statements will "save the planet". Will it save my financial pocket book if I can't access the statement? Saving the planet is nice, but at the expense of my financial security, no.
I like Kinecta, but have been growing frustrated with what seems to be a corporate desire to be like a large bank rather than a Credit Union, serving the shareholders.

I hope the website issues can be fixed soon.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas from the outgoing Democrats

Ooops, modern liberal Democrats don't say Merry Christmas anymore since that phrase is "politically incorrect". Fortunately conservatives still do!

The lame duck Democrat's parting gifts were more bloated, pork laden legislation that effectively seals the fate of our country. While it was nice of the Dem's to pass the (limited) extension of the Bush tax cuts, they foiled growth by extending unemployment benefits without having a way to pay for it. (more debt, thanks to the Dem's).

Just this week, they passed the START treaty, only to have the Russians hold off in order to more closely inspect the terms of the treaty. Again, nice Job Dem's for passing legislation without even reading or debating it.

Jan, 6th will be a happy day as the Dem's trifecta majority will be officially broken.