Monday, March 22, 2010

Like a braying donkey, Nancy Pelosi laughs at what is left of America!

Liberals have always failed at math

Liberals who like to say "the government will pay for it" have no clue as to how money really works. To them "Government" is a disembodied ATM that perpetually gives out money with any real consequence to the society at large or even to themselves as individuals living in that same society. I would gather that most liberals view themselves as "entitled" both is receiving that which was never theirs, and in giving "redistribution" of that which was also never theirs. Liberalism is about one thing, control of everyone else. The liberal doesn't see themselves as being the police, rather it is "they" who police for them.

The most profound thing to come out of this unconstitutional power grab of a 'health care' bill, is that the liberals who were anti-establishment are themselves now the very establishment they would have fought against as naive, innocent, peacniks of the 1960's.

This is so simple

Democrat = baby killer

Sunday, March 21, 2010

And thy name shall be Bart Stooopack

So much for ProLife Democrats having a spine. Bart Stupak could have stopped the disasterous health care bill, but no, he stooped to the arm twisting of the Chicago mob that runs the White House.

This really will be a test of the American people.
Democrats have run roughshod over democracy.

Stupak deserves to be thrown out of office with the rest of the Democrats for being so naive, guillable, and yes, stupid.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

WOW, these Dems are soooo confused

Yes, no, yes....Listen to this obviously confused and totally subjugated DEM congressman will vote for anything, to save Obama.

and still undecided, a decidely dangerous position for America....

Health care reform or constitutional destruction?

Seems that our "esteemed" Democraps can't even run a rules committee of their OWN party without descending into utter chaos! Any Democrat who votes YES on this "reform" bill will be out of office come the second Wednesday of November 2010. Any Democrat who votes NO will likely be out of office by November 2010 because the Uber Democrat Party wil not support them financially or in campaign efforts.

Either way, the Democrats have screwed themselves and are about to leave with a parting suicide pact that will screw America for generations as the Democrats final solution and legacy.