Friday, July 25, 2008

Democrats in Congress Hold America Hostage!!!

So Now that President Bush has removed the executive obstacle to drilling for more oil all we have is the US Congress blocking it. And note that our US Congress is majority Democrat Party, well there you have it. Or do we? Seems that while the big oil companies are reaping record profits for their commodity, they have been quite happy to NOT do anything to lower it's value. So we have an interesting mix of Democrats AND Big Oil (Big Business) essentially colluding to keep the majority of America in the poor house. Who'd have thought that two sides who externally distrust each other would have worked things out so well?

All this wrangling for ever increasing profits has of course started to strangle our economy. Guess what, we can't say to Pres. Bush "it's the economy" because it isn't economics that is driving this craziness, it is simply greed. Even Democrats who traditionally love to hate big business seem to be favorable since the situation bolsters their "we need more government to help the 'poor' folk" and "we must 'save the planet' by going 'green' ", throwing away our oil based economy overnight by embracing 21st century tree hugging.

Heck Republicans don't seem too upset either. It's a free market, let the market set the price. That paradigm worked great when USA was the market. Now we compete with Japan, China, and Europe for oil. If our dollar goes down, the cost of oil goes up. But Republicans are too busy worrying about whether they can beat the Obama god who seems to walk on water while giving platitude laden orations to Europe and the Middle East.

Republicans should stop worrying about Obama, he will not make it to the presidency. He may think he is president already, but will wake up Nov 6th to a different reality show.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ba ba baa Ba ba ba Barak

Oh Obama what would we do without you as our new found saviour? Whom did we ever think would be able to change anything? All change is good. With the price of gas and food, could you spare a little change?

Woe unto the Republicans who wish to save tha American way. Barak wants to change it, to what, we do not know. While Democrats swoon over the new messiah will Republicans croon about thier candidate?

Global warming should cease by the word of Obama, for he is almighty unto himself! Why should mere mortals challenge his omnipotent prowess?

Great gaffs, Batman! When did the USA have 57 States? Israel is the friend of Israel (huh seems kinda dumbly obvious). Why don't we hear of these gaffs? Oh, right, Obama is supernatural, he is pushing for.......change......

Thursday, July 17, 2008

San Francisco- the liberal anti-church city

Well at least there are a few good and holy Roman Catholic, Orthodox and Eastern Catholic churches in San Francisco. They have their work cut out for them fighting the now infamous San Francisco city and county board who seem to be on a deliberate vendetta against organised religion in any form and particularly the Catholic Church's stand against homosexuality. Keep in mind the SF is the west coast haven for the gay agenda. The issue is Resolution 168-08.

In particular the boards resolution noted:

The board’s resolution urged the city’s local archbishop and the Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of San Francisco to defy the Vatican’s instructions, concluding with a spiteful reminder that the church authority that issued the ban was known 100 years ago as "The Holy Office of the Inquisition."

It does seem clearer and clearer that the liberal elite has embarked on a quite deliberate attack on Judeo-Christan values here in Californication land. Recently we had a liberal California supreme court reverse a popular ballot vote regarding a BAN on gay marriage. Seems we the voters have no say in how our state is run. A handful of selected (as in NOT ELECTED) judges have essentially retroactively created law where there was none; Under our state constitution that duty is solely the task of the legislature, NOT the courts, whose ONLY job is to rule on the legality of law rather than to ex post facto legislate laws!!! OH MY, what a deceitful web they have woven for this great state!

Of course California's Democrats are all for this moment of "equality". sheeesh!

Hey, you can always send a nice happy note telling them how much you like or hate thier despicable decision here:
SF Board members

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hey investors!

Just a thought. Why don't we ALL just pull our money out of the stock market??? We're losing value to a few fat cats who are shorting stocks in this market. Sure, the little investor can't short certain high profile stocks, but the big guys SURE AS HELL ARE, you know it!

So, we're NOT in a recession, so you say!

Well, of course we're not..... because the latest news from the shitck market looks more like the great depression. Strangely enough the pattern is almost the same- Republican president in office during an unprecedented stock market run-up (potentially) followed by an even worse Democrat president willing to mortgage the country's future through gross taxation and inexperience unrivalled since the days of "stagflation" president Jimmy Carter! Meanwhile those of us who hoped to have ANY money left over after this are rapidly diminishing as images of people standing in line at banks to get their money out (kinda like 1929 all over again)