Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ba ba baa Ba ba ba Barak

Oh Obama what would we do without you as our new found saviour? Whom did we ever think would be able to change anything? All change is good. With the price of gas and food, could you spare a little change?

Woe unto the Republicans who wish to save tha American way. Barak wants to change it, to what, we do not know. While Democrats swoon over the new messiah will Republicans croon about thier candidate?

Global warming should cease by the word of Obama, for he is almighty unto himself! Why should mere mortals challenge his omnipotent prowess?

Great gaffs, Batman! When did the USA have 57 States? Israel is the friend of Israel (huh seems kinda dumbly obvious). Why don't we hear of these gaffs? Oh, right, Obama is supernatural, he is pushing for.......change......

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