Sunday, January 30, 2011

Why Obama Secretly Wants the Egyptian Government to fall

All the media, including much of the Right, seem to have it all wrong. Obama is not incompetent much as Jimmy Carter wasn't incompetent in letting the Ayatollah Khomeni depose the Shah in Iran.

The truth may be stranger than fictitious conspiracy theories.

The "uprising" is being well orchestrated by Al Quaeda. It is being well disguised by the deliberate inaction of our own government. The fall of Egypt as a "friend" of the US will have seriously bad consequences for Israel. The fragile "peace" that Pres Carter forged will be undone, without it appearing that the US government sanctioned it.

Here is how the not so mainstream pundits see things:

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Now that we finally have a conservative House...

The house passes a bill to repeal Obamacare. Of course the kool-aid drinking left in the Senate will kill the bill, sealing their distaste for the will of the voters and thus sealing their party losses in 2012.

We already know that Obama will be a one term president, even though he plans on spending a large chunk of money equal to about 5% of California's budget deficit on what will be a failed re-election campaign. if he doesn't believe that the candidate who spends the most money can lose, he needs to talk to Meg Whitman, who lost a California governor bid after spending over $140 Million!

That our US senate is still out of touch needen't be a surprise. They have been out of touch for the past 50 years, regardless of majority party affiliation, thanks largely to RINO's abdicating any sense of conservative values just to stay in office.