Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Why is England so savage toward Dr. Savage?

And more importantly, why is everyone in the USA so silent about what is happening. Even if you don't agree with Dr. Savage, his views espoused on his radio show hardly merit him being persona non grata in merry old England!

The whole issue is thought control straight out of the pages of Orwell's "1984".

An update:
7/17/09 Seems the home secretary of Britain has stepped down due to other scandals than just her adding Dr. Savage to England's list of banned persons.

For more of the story:

North Korea has Nukes, and Obama wants sanctions???

The Useless Nations, aka the UN has proven itself to be an anachronism of the modern times, As an international governing body, they often weilded lopsided power, such as having Libya on the human rights conference (Huh?), and allowing militantly anti American government leaders like Amadinjehad and Chavez to speak to the assembly without so much as a pee about human rights violations.
Now with N. Korea successfully detonating a 20 megaton bomb, about the size of the one used on Hiroshima at the end of WWII, president Obama want to "talk" to N. Korea. Talk will achieve nothing except prove to N Korea that the US has a paper tiger as its president and the UN is even weaker than the US to defend itself.

California Supreme Court finally gets it right!

They voted to uphold the voice of the voters and allow prop 8 to stand! Proof that there is still conservatism left in the state.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

For California voters-May 19, VOTE NO on 1A through 1F

A reminder to vote NO on propostitions 1A 1B 1C 1D 1E 1F.

These are all poorly written "laws" purported to be propositions when in fact they are underwritten by our California Legislature. Along with being an abuse of the proposition process, these laws are written having little or no oversight, and any oversight given is subject to political influence.

In a time of a serious state budget deficit, prop 1C stands out as particularly egregious. The "lottery modernization act" should really be described as "Enron 2.0". The idea of the proposition is that the State of California could borrow $5B(yes, that's billion) against future California State Lottery "income" (as calculated by a lottery insider who can make the numbers fit) to balance the immediate (FY 2009) budget deficit.

Well, what happens next year, 2010, when we continue to have a deficit? Oh, then the state will "borrow" again based on future income which may or may not actually happen. The problem is that the borrowing may be taken for amounts greater than just one fiscal year! In other words, let's say the projected income for the next five years is $5B, they could borrow that to "pay down" FY 2009 deficit and repay the loan, with interest, over the next five years. Sounds good until the impending (yes it will happen) FY 2010 deficit. Now the state again borrows against future lottery income while still paying off the loan from last years' deficit. In typical liberal spending fashion, the lottery will be essentially used to pay for the deficit while a new deficit is created in our futures loan repayment to the state lottery.

That if coupled with the other propositions could amount to tax and spend plan that will most definitely bankrupt the 9th largest economy in the world. It is because of this corruption of the propostition process along with the clear abdication of legislative duties by our state congress that we have only one logical choice and vote NO on all the "propositions" on the May 19th ballot.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Pelosi, please resign

Do the honorable thing and step down before you drag the godless democratic party down with you....

Oh, wait! What am I saying???

Maybe you should stay on and insist the CIA lied to you when you only attended a whole one out of around 44 meetings (that's 1/44 , as a fraction guys) with the CIA. Your attendance record at the CIA briefings closely mirrors our dear commander/campaigner in chief's Senate voting record and tardiness.

From the top down you, 'Bama, Ried, and just about every Democrat, and some RINO's (Republicans in Name Only) are a corrupt, godless, socialist government seeking to destroy the past 230 years of this great nation.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Oh! and Janet too!

And in other news, Janet Napolitano discovers she is in wayyyyy over her head! Doesn't she just have that huh-what'd-you-say kind of look here.

Seriously, Bama needs to get off his campaign playbook and start acting like a real president before our enemies take advantage of USA. Our current leader of Homeland Security has no real world qualifications for the job and was picked like so many of the Bama's other cabinet, purely on their solid LACK of requisite experience.

Nancy Pelosi says the CIA lied to her....

Nancy, Nancy, Nancy.

You would have us think the world revolves around you.

The CIA's job is to gather intelligence by the most expeditious means, including what you cavelierly define as torture, waterboarding.
Listening to your flip flops on the torture agenda along with your crazy ultra liberal notions could also be considered torture under certain circumstances.
If you couldn't figure out what the CIA was trying to tell you in so many words, what the blazes are doing as a US congresswoman? Sure San Fransisco, the Gay Bay, Uber-liberal city on the left coast would choose a whiner like you to represent the 9th largest economy in the world in our national government, but there are many of us who don't think you are quite up to the job as speaker of the house (and third in line for succession to the Presidency of the USA).

Oh! Bama! paging Dr. Obama.....

Seems as though the current Democratic administration is going about socializing everything in their path.
First it was the banks.
Now Chrysler and soon GM (now known as Government Motors).
Next up: Health Care- a la Canada.
I would think Canadians would be upset about the US nationalising health care since they will lose their most convenient alternative to nationalised health care, the private health care system in the USA. Keep in mind that it is illegal to have a private physician in Canada. Yes, as a Canadian citizen they are requred to use the national health care and can not use a physician for private (non-nationalised) practice as is the case in the USA.