Friday, December 14, 2007

Todays stock market sucks!

I figured out why the stock market these days is such a risky place to invest! There are waaaaayyy too many armchair investors nurturing a few lonely long shot stocks. They hope that their ship will come in soon.... oh to wish it would. Problem is that with SO many online investors who don't have the guts to wait out a market correction, they all start selling which causes a crash, much like what happened when automated trading hit the market in the late 1980's (with disatrous results-causing the markets to completely shut down!). Now rather than computers, we have far more skittish investors watching their retirements go flushing down the stock market drain. Didn't a previous president say things about privatizing social security by having everone invest in the stock market? Hmmmm, well nowadays everyone IS invested in the stock market by way of 401K, IRA, and Stock accounts like E-trade and Ameritrade. If only all these armchair investors would use some restraint, the market wouldn't swing so wildly. 300 points in a day is almost the norm now! (that's roughly 2.3% change, still less than the great crashes of yesteryear).