Tuesday, September 23, 2008

eBay's community boards...the Worlds most expen$ive BBS!!!

For all you eBay members perhaps you should look into the eBay "community" boards. On a per capita basis it has got to be the most expensive semi public chatroom ever! Almost every category has negative comments about eBoneheads latest policy change of the month. Watch eBay stock dwindle along with its seller (and subsequently its buyer) base. seems every week, the stock hits a new low. Follow the new CEO John Donahue's clueless direction of the worlds LARGEST auction site down the path of finacial ruin! WoW! Once in a lifetime opportunity to witness firasthand the demise of the best thing to happen to the internet, a demise brought about by 40-something nownothings in the business world! A must see for any fledgling entrepenuer, just ask Pierre M. Omidyar the founder of eBay if eBay is the same company he founded back in 1995. Of course Mr. Omidyar is a multi multi millionaire who could care less that his company has sold it's soul to the devil. He even agrees with John Donahoe. So much for entrepenurial spirit.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

80 Days Without a Budget.....almost

78 days and counting.

Will we get to the magic milestone?

Until Gov Schwartzenegger actually SIGNS the budget, we are still without a budget.

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Beginning of the End for Ebay

Ebay used to be a fun place for sellers to list those items you didn't need anymore. In the process you (and eBay) made a few buck. But with their Draconian "Paypal only" policy complete with a mandatory 21 day hold on your funds while you ship items to a seller who can still leave YOU negative feedback (while You can not leave neg feedback for deadbeat sellers). With the new management at greed-bay who seem to desire nothing less than to poorly emulate Amazon.com they have decided to literally screw the sellers who made eBay what they are today. As of October the new policies go into effect become eBay "law" by Jan 1, 2009. Interestingly, eBay's stock is diving faster than the general downturn in the Dow Jones experienced today (which was a mere 504 point drop in one day, ouch!!!). Perhaps eBay will have to listen to the market and realise that they have performed the ultimate blunder in a sagging market by squeezing out their "bread and butter"- the sellers.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

California Legislature Continues on Record Breaking Path!!!

Wow, who'd have thought our esteemed state legislators could and would break every record in the country for delinquent budget! Unfortunately, there is NO Guinness record for longest delay in passing a budget. Perhaps we should create a category just for Kalifornia!

Job Well Done!!! No wonder our state has fallen to the #10 spot from the # 7 spot as economies are rated. You guys (especially those Democrats) deserve to lose your State seats in the next election. Keep up the budget fiasco till November and I GUARANTEE that you will NOT get re-elected!

Oh Ohbama!

What next?

Today, it was a thinly veiled sexist remark comparing Sarah Palin to a pig with lipstick. Wow what candor finally from the media elite's "anointed one". Who'd have thought you were quite so sexist after your diatribes against Hillary earlier in the campaign?

Obama, you are the next president only in your own mind. Many delusional liberals including most of the mainstream media seem to be sharing your wild ride. For those of us rational thinkers, who will hopefully stay awake and vote for McCain/Palin, we are the last hope of this country in keeping the far left "liberal one" OUT of the white house.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A suggestion for the Blog-o-sphere

Simply put.
Post enough blogs about eBays "Paypal only" mistake, and maybe they'll notice???
eBay Paypal
eBay Paypal
eBay Paypal
eBay Paypal
eBay Paypal
eBay Paypal
eBay Paypal
Here today...R.I.P 8/20/08
Gone tomorrow.
So much for the new young leadership at eBay. May they find employment elsewhere after the fall.

An excellent blog post about eBay

Here's an excellent blog post about greedBay's wunderful new Paypal only policy and fixed shipping costs.


California Legislature Sets New Record, Public Underwhelmed!!!!


Seems a majority Democratic party state legislature can't get a workable budget in place for the 10th largest economy in the WORLD!!! See left wing liberal L.A. Times article here . Two quotes from that L.A Times article sum up the majority Democrat viewpoint rather succinctly:

"The biggest obstacle to the lawmaking ambitions of majority Democrats this year was simple: No money to spend.

"How can you do anything without money?" asked Assemblyman Charles Calderon (D-Montebello)."

Obviously these lame Democrats can do NOTHING without spending our hard earned money on pet projects. A lesson for those guys- Learn to spend LESS money!

The lesson for us voters is........ STOP ELECTING DEMOCRATS TO STATE AND FEDERAL OFFICE!!!

Beginning of the end for eBay

Dateline: Aug 20th 2008, a date that will live in online auction history... eBay, the giant almost monopoly of online auctions has decided that they really don't want to be an online auctioneer anymore. They really, really, want to be Amazon.com junior. No more auctions. Well not at first, just find clever ways of dissuading any small sellers from selling by forcing Paypal only for payments, toss in a 3-21 (Paypal discretionary fund hold), and significantly higher final value fees, and ...ta daaa.... no more small time sellers. It really is that simple. So starting in Oct 2008 they will gradually tighten the Paypal only noose until there are only a few stalwart small sellers who haven't figured out other ways to sell and giant mega sellers who have feedback ratings in the 10000+ range. Meanwhile the rest of us will go to craigslist.org (which unfortunately is 25% owned by evilBay) or ebid.net or epier.com