Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Beginning of the end for eBay

Dateline: Aug 20th 2008, a date that will live in online auction history... eBay, the giant almost monopoly of online auctions has decided that they really don't want to be an online auctioneer anymore. They really, really, want to be Amazon.com junior. No more auctions. Well not at first, just find clever ways of dissuading any small sellers from selling by forcing Paypal only for payments, toss in a 3-21 (Paypal discretionary fund hold), and significantly higher final value fees, and ...ta daaa.... no more small time sellers. It really is that simple. So starting in Oct 2008 they will gradually tighten the Paypal only noose until there are only a few stalwart small sellers who haven't figured out other ways to sell and giant mega sellers who have feedback ratings in the 10000+ range. Meanwhile the rest of us will go to craigslist.org (which unfortunately is 25% owned by evilBay) or ebid.net or epier.com

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