Thursday, August 21, 2008

eBay snubs both buyers and sellers

Seem good ol eBay (pay and obey), headed by Lorrie Norington has decided to further shoot themselves in the foot by making sweeping changes to their auction site. For those who distrust (and rightfully so) PayPal. eBay is making PayPal one of the mandatory electronic payment option required for listing compliance.

This in itself is a questionable move.

They go on to state that payment by NON ELECTRONIC means will be prohibited. In other words, money orders and paper checks will not be allowed. along with good old CASH!!! eBay is proving to be the true "Big Brother" advocating a completely cashless online experience. Interesting that they tried the scheme first in Great Britain (home of George Orwell).

Say goodbye to cash, hello to the "one world" electronic currency. The dollar need not trade hands physically to purchase goodies on eBay. Maybe in their view the dollar will dissappear in favor of some "unified" world currency. Perhaps eBay, a San Jose, CA based company feels that ultra liberal presidential Democrat Party candidate Barak Obama will will in November and further push the USA into the pit of "one world-ism". Lets hope and pray (and VOTE) that this does not happen.

Perhaps it is time to boycott eBay....again

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