Friday, September 15, 2006

So, why is Mexican Independence day celebrated officially by our Mayor, Antonio "Reconquista" Villariagosa?

Here in LA (la la land to the rest of the country) our illustrious photo-op mayor, El Reconquistador, feels that Mexican Independence Day should be celebrated en la tierra del Norte Mexico, California Sur. While it's one thing to be proud of one's heritage it's another to be an advocate of the ILLEGAL immigration of individuals. Whose country are we celebrating? Whatever happend to civic pride in America? or even one's own state? Have we let ourselves be so brainwashed to believe that EVERYTHING is relative? including ILLEGAL immigration.

Only weeks ago, we had our city council make the most daringly obvious power grab yet and try to slip in a seemingly innocuous proposition that would 'allow' them another term after their term limits had expired. They said they 'needed more time' to solve the problems of L.A. No, they need more time working a REAL job rather than conjuring up ways to perpetuate their public office ineffectiveness at taxpayer expense.

Right along with that is our unique public utility the Dept. of Water & Power (DWP for short). Seems they have an interestin relationship with the county Board of Supervisors. When the county needs money, they have the DWP raise key fees (hidden taxes alert) to generate an operating surplus, that is conveniently rolled into the general fund (why, because they set it up that way-clever aren't they). Upon doing that the county has slush money to play with. A year or two later, sure enough, the county seems to have a shortfall and needs more money, so they go to the DWP and.......well you get the picture.

Maybe it's this whole state that's crazy. Our former Governer, Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown is running for office again, this time for Attorney General. The same governer who did more FOR prisoners, rapists, murderers than for the average citizen. Oh, and he's also a softie on that ILLEGAL imigration thing.

Remember-If you don't vote, you don't get to complain!

Thoughts after 9-11

news article

Hmmm. So the leaders of that "peaceful ", "tolerant" religion Islam, compare the Pope to Hitler and Mussolini after Pope Benedict XVI speech in Germany. Wasn't this the same religion that favored Hitler and his treatment of the Jews??? Seems like these Muslims just WANT every one to like them without any reciprocation in kind. They are good at 'MONOlogue', yet so terrible with the concept of DIAlogue.

Muslim clerics have the GALL to demand the Pope apologise for a non insult to Islam!!! How quickly then do these same Muslim clerics deride, demean and despise publicly Christianity and Judaism. Does the Pope then immediately call for a worldwide condemnation of Islam? They are truly the serpent of the Bible, not to be trusted, for they speak only with deceit on their tongues. Deceit of what Islam could be. Lest Islam be "insulted" they would kill you first, to "spare" Islam the threatened insult. There is no middle ground in Islam. No yearning for understanding of other peoples or relic views. No, this form of Islam is so fearful of losing it's hold on people that death is glorified for the sake of perpetuating the myth of "peaceful" Islam. Christianity and Judaism do not carry such heavy demands on non believers, only Islam 'demands' that non Muslims, 'infidels' be forcibly converted or killed if they will not convert. With that frame of thinking, Muslim countries like Turkey then wish to enter into 'dialogue' with the Western world, with the Western world capitulation to Islam as a requirement for acceptance. This is merely a more subtle method of attempting to coerce conversion. The radical Muslims prefer terrorism as their means. In the end both methods have the same goal: conversion/domination/death of Non Muslims.

Maybe it's just mere "coincidence" that all this happened the same week as the 5 year anniversary of America's worst terrorist attack. While many try to equate it with Pearl Harbor, there is no resemblance. The cowardly attacks on 9/11/01 were meant specifically to threaten the entire NON Muslim world into believing that Islam is the only path. If anything the rest of the NON Muslim world is slowly waking up to the fact that this is the second crusade. Not unlike the first crusade when Islam threatened the Judeo-Christian world. Japan, in 1941, on the other hand was attempting a daring (and ultimately horrendously costly) military gamble that would have allowed them access to mainland China for it's resources.

Now, before all three of the readers of this blog start sending me death threats, think about where that places one in the spiritual realm.


Next: lighter topics like El Mayor de La Reconquista strikes again....

Friday, September 01, 2006

Settling into the new routine.....

A month and a half at the new job......starting to get settled into a new routine again. It's amazing how quickly one gets used to new routines. At least my job isn't routine. New challenges every day. Strangely, I don't miss my old job as much as I thought I would. I guess I was blocking out the stressful parts of the work environment after a decade of dealing with the revolving door of managers with each corporate takeover. I'm back to being just another grunt who saves the day at the job several times a week. No longer does the PA system resonate with my name ringing out 20 times a day.

It was actually a kind of vacation for me being forcibly off work for 4 months. I had some time to put my priorities in order. Primarily, I need to get rid of so much of this accumulated junk around the house!

Projects that I've started and burned out on. Too numerous to count. eventually I get rid of the more hopeless ones in the vain hope of finishing the remaining projects....Mmmmmm Hmmmm, right.....those just become the next round of elimination sometime the following summer. Ebay helps with the process in that I can make some money on the pieces of theses abandoned projects and at least recover a fration of the money originally spent.

Now, with the prospect of marriage, I must double my efforts to clear out "stuff" to make room for additions to the house and a rearrangement of my present lifestyle. :-) It's good for me. I do tend to collect projects rather than finish all of them.

Some 'projects' though I will keep. such as the Rivett grinder: Ony 10 of these made the year this serial number was produced...

Other items are more common interest and will stay too.: