Friday, September 01, 2006

Settling into the new routine.....

A month and a half at the new job......starting to get settled into a new routine again. It's amazing how quickly one gets used to new routines. At least my job isn't routine. New challenges every day. Strangely, I don't miss my old job as much as I thought I would. I guess I was blocking out the stressful parts of the work environment after a decade of dealing with the revolving door of managers with each corporate takeover. I'm back to being just another grunt who saves the day at the job several times a week. No longer does the PA system resonate with my name ringing out 20 times a day.

It was actually a kind of vacation for me being forcibly off work for 4 months. I had some time to put my priorities in order. Primarily, I need to get rid of so much of this accumulated junk around the house!

Projects that I've started and burned out on. Too numerous to count. eventually I get rid of the more hopeless ones in the vain hope of finishing the remaining projects....Mmmmmm Hmmmm, right.....those just become the next round of elimination sometime the following summer. Ebay helps with the process in that I can make some money on the pieces of theses abandoned projects and at least recover a fration of the money originally spent.

Now, with the prospect of marriage, I must double my efforts to clear out "stuff" to make room for additions to the house and a rearrangement of my present lifestyle. :-) It's good for me. I do tend to collect projects rather than finish all of them.

Some 'projects' though I will keep. such as the Rivett grinder: Ony 10 of these made the year this serial number was produced...

Other items are more common interest and will stay too.:

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