Wednesday, May 04, 2011

I got it all wrong; Obama just jumped his shark!

It's all down hill from here! He won't be able to prove OBL kill photo, because he doesn't actually have it. nor will he be able to improve the economy and unemployment numbers by throwing ever larger sums of money at the "problem". Obama, in true 21st century TV terms, just jumped his own shark!

While Obama lays Wreath will Chris tingle with enthusiasm?

Ah, jolly old Chris Tingle! The prophet of the great one, Obama the Osama slayer!

How will Chris Matthew's leg tingle when he sees Obama lay a wreath to the destruction of Osama?

Osama-Obama so confusing....

Heck, Barak should just change his legal name back to Sotero to avoid being confused with Osama.

So Obama takes credit for Osama Bin Laden kill....

But conveniently omits former pres. Bush role in the intelligence. He takes nine minutes to self aggrandize his role in the brief capture and kill of OBL. In that nine minutes of rambling never once mentions his predecessor, GW Bush. Now to top this, it seems he won't show the kill photos to prove it was really OBL they found.

Personally I think they found him.

It just seems to counter-intuitive that they (the WH) wouldn't release photos. This current government is so deeply "politically correct" (PC) that they cannot come to terms with their own actions, essentially denying that they did a great service to the world in order to feign political correctness, the ultimate talking point of the PC Democrat Party.