Friday, July 28, 2006

NEWS, News, news

Well! A lot has happened in the past few months. I've been to Uzhgorod and Muckachevo, Ukraine, stopping in Perth Amboy, NJ for July 4th on my way back to wonnerful downtown Reseda, CA. Started a new job the following week, then a trip to Kansas City, MO and back and in the middle of it all I'm now engaged to the witty and wonderful Aunt Chrissy !

Wow! So much for a boring life of unemployment. Today, I'm at home being sicky-poo. I got a "welcome back" gift of a head cold/sinus infection after coming back to work. Yay...

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Aunt Chrissy said...

Poor baby!! Just remember that pretty soon you'll have a built-in nurse (not to mention a "built" one, nyuk nyuk!) to lovingly tend to you in your hours of sickness ... and of course, you'll do the same for me. Right? [crickets chirping] Uh, right? ;-)