Monday, May 22, 2006

11 year anniversay of a sort...

Today marks what would have been the anniversary date of the 11th year I was employed at FADAL.Too bad it ended back in March.

Maxcor wants so much to be the big machine tool player on the block that now they are buying Excello. Seems all the once mighty have fallen beneath the thumb of Maxcor. All hail Maxcor!!! At least Haas is still independently owned. Hardinge is still struggling as an independent manufacturer.

For all their desire to be the biggest, Maxcor has thus far failed to truly capitalise on what made these companies successful in the first place, the CUSTOMER. Their focus has been more on maximising "value" ($$$in their pocket) than the ultimate value-customers who come back-. Fadal, Cinncinatti and the other Maxcor companies all failed in those regards with the corporate takeovers of the 1980's and 1990's. For all the efforts of the mergers of Cinncinatti-Lamb, Giddings&Lewis, Thyssen-Krupp the focus was always on $ not the customer ultimately. The true focus is to line the pockets of the small group of investors who make up companies like Maxcor (or Goldman Holdings who held Bridgeport until Hardinge took them in). If the merger/buyout/takeover doesn't produce the desired $$$/time, then it is disbanded, sold, dumped on the wayside for some other hopeful investor to wrangle their brand of corporate "magic" and attempt to turn a profit by selling it again.

All through this sad process, the brand names once proud are reduced to hyphenations and subtexts of the merger corporation or is some cases, lost for all time.

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