Monday, May 22, 2006

Irrational Inflation Fears Fueled by Irrational Exuberance of Investors!!!

Seems that those duly appointed-though not elected- gurus of all hallowed finances, the FED RESERVE bank has decided to throw the economy from it's fragile recovery headlong into a glaring red tailspin of rapidly epic proportions. Seems things were too positive in the economy for those financial wizards, who obviously have some wealthy friends, needed a well timed market downturn to capitalize their profit margins for 2006. All this leaves the rest of us bottom feeders, who were finally making money and actually had some savings again, with dwindling investment accounts and 401K's, while the fat cats buy up the scattered monies of the nouveau poor.

Unless you are born rich or steal your money or are just plain lucky one is destined to be a wage slave for those who control the worlds finances. Oh %$&*@#! well.....

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