Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Cinco De Mayo should now be " Nothing Mexican" Day

Perhaps we gringo Americanos should try a reciprocal boycott and stop hiring illegals for the day (at least those not too drunk for 5/5). Should promise to be as much of a non event as the left's new MAY DAY celebrating not only communism but now illegal immigracion. Viva la Migra!

Too much depressing funk to put up with! Sheeesh! Between the bleeding heart ACLU (Anti-Christian Liberation Union) and much of the liberal half of our own elected government, we conservative middle class are the next endangered species. Don't wait for them to block taking away our liberties and freedom though.

So for this upcoming Cinco de Mayo don't buy any Mexican food, beer or visit Tijuana. Let Mexico, which doesn't even celebrate cinco de Mayo feel the sting of a true boycott....less americano dolares going into their country.

Too bad Vincente Fox is all for the new legalisation of all drugs in Mexico. He doesn't realise that it will change absolutely nothing for Mexico. The average Mexicano is too poor to afford food let alone drugs! But now the average Mexicano can get rich SELLING drugs to rich Americanos. Ay caramba!

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