Thursday, April 27, 2006

Mexico's May Day, "Nada Gringo"

In the papers today I see what could be more fuel to fire the anti illegal immigration issue. Seems Mexico City is having a "nothing Gringo" day, ie no Big Macs. Fine with me. They might be a little healthier for a day. Perhaps we here in the USA should boycott ALL Mexican restaurants on May 1. While shopping, check those labels for "hecho en Mexico". Want grapes? check where they are from. Cheap clothes? Check where they are from. Perhaps this will be a true economic battle which Mexico can't compete given the USA's voracious appetite for Mexican food.

The only true way to stem the flood of illegals (mostly Mexican-South American) will be for those countries to improve their standard of living. As long as the US turns a blind eye to illegal immigration, Mexico will be more than content to keep its people in abject poverty at home, thus essentially forcing the US to pay what Mexico can not or will not.

Why May 1 anyway? Seems a bit communist to me. Soviet communism always celebrated their 'victorious' state in May.

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