Wednesday, April 26, 2006

WMD's in our own backyard, and front yard, on freeways, at the supermarket...they're everywhere!

Just when you thought Iraq was safe and no WMD's were found, here they are in our own streets!!!!

Yes, Weapons of Musical Destruction! Those boomboxes we are mercilessly subjected to by the juvenile minds of Blingworld and Crap music. They are the true enemy within. The subjugation of what passes for music in the form of booooommmmm boxxxx muuuuuuusic. All we sentient beings hear is the dull thudding boom reverberating across the once peaceful suburbia of the American dream. But lo, modern urban terrosts have found a way to cut through the safety of suburbia by boooommmiiinnnggg their message of anti establishment through your living room wall at all hours of the day and even through the night. There is no longer and implied sanctity of night being quiet. The new boombox terrorists must be heard! We will not be let to sleep while they have angry thoughts to beam to suburbia.

Many thanks to Aunt Chrissy for the idea of WMD's

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