Thursday, April 13, 2006

Immigration reform...Why do we immediatly think "la migra"

It seems that the looming issue of immigration reform is less the nuts and bolts of reforming America's immigration policy than the need to reform America's welfare policy. When most of our ancestors came to America there were strict requirements of having a sponsor who would vouch for the immigrant. After the great depression of the 1930's when the welfare state was born, things started to relax ending up with our present situation where we have flung the doors open to almost all with our liberal welfare state policies. There is a most favored immigrant nation status granted to Mexico while others are still required to play by the old rules. Why is it that we as a nation have coopted ourselves with Mexico? Simply put, our politicians being the greedy folks they are see a vast pool of easy votes in those south of the border ILLEGAL immigrants. Why bother with niceties as formal citizenship requirements, when politicians can make a grab for 11 MILLION illicit votes. Illicit because hose votes are not truly objective but highly subjective given the preferrential treatment given them.We get upset when politicians try to outright buy votes!!! But this is far more egregious, congress enacting legislation to sway votes!!! Why else does this issue come up now in a critical congressional election year?

Everywher else it is easy to keep illegals out. Canadians don't come here in any significant amount. Likely the percentage of Canadian immigrants is below 1%. Other continents are easier to handle. We have oceans seperating "us" from "them". But Mexico seems to enjoy an almost Orwellian sense of perverting the meaning of "illegal immigrant". Even the Mexican President, Vicente Fox condones the free passage of migrants across the US-Mexico border. He wants California back for Mexico!!! Mexico can't wrestle it back by war, so they fight back with a time tested economic strategy-drain the enemy's resources till they can't fight. Mexico has so many wishing to come to America that California's economy will sink and become poorer than Baja Mexico. We will revert to Alta Mexico. Mexico will reap the factories and infrastructure that they in 10000 years could never build.

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