Thursday, March 23, 2006

4 Weeks and still looking...not quite living on spongecake

After a few hopeful interviews last week, I thought that maybe this would be a short job hunt. Alas, looks like it will be longer than I hoped. Too bad that I am comfortably (ha ha) surviving on what would have been my retirement stock portfolio.

It sucks how slow things go at the unemployment office. Every day, resume's out, email out, phone calls out....I'm hoping I don't have to start doing temp jobs or work at a " BigBoxMart." I'd rather have full time employment with medical/dental benefits without the third world wages, thank you. Meanwhile, I am selling off some of my things on eBay to help pay the household expenses. I guess those garage 'toys' I collected over the years will come in handy. I really needed to clear some things out of the garage anyway. Hopefully I will have some things left before things get too desperate.

I'm just feeling mighty frustrated by the decision of one person, who four weeks ago decided to play 'god' and fire me on the flimsiest of pretexts, without following company procedure. Yes, it was the sole decision of exactly one newly placed VP Production (from Texas,- yes the same state that screwed California out of Billion$ ) who saw fit to have me escorted out the door on a trumped charge of "insubordination". There was no verbal warning folloing the alleged incident cited at my exit interview nor was there any written warning that would have followed the verbal warning (that never happened) prior to my being dismissed! He just didn't want me in his way.

I like a most all of the rank and file workers there, but the holding company who owns them, Maxcor , and the new management they have installed seem only interested in squeezing a profit rather than continuing to pride themselves as a US based machine tool manufacturer. They have kicked out so many of the engineers, managers, and support personel that they will indeed have a difficult time staying afloat as a company. I feel for the guys who are still there.

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Irene said...

Congratulations from your future mother-in-law on your engagement to the great Aunt Chrissy!! Hope you feel better today.