Thursday, March 02, 2006


Well, there comes a time when all things come to an end. Today I was fired, though not in person by the VP Production who had me fired (coward that he truly is). If he went about things correctly, he would have confronted me at the time regarding what he calls insubordination and worked things out. This VP had only been working for the company little more than one month! The incident didn't even register to other's who were in the same room. He fired me more to send a message to the rest of the company-don't mess with me!- he is a texan, after all, with a gigantic chip on his shoulder. He's gotta prove himself to his bosses who care only for cash the flow anyway.

Anyway enough about cowardly manager-VP's. It was about time I moved on from a place that had been stifleing my expertise since they rehired me 4 years ago (last time I was 'merely' "laid off", which hurt enough). I will miss the friendly coworkers who will have to make do with a VP who is as uncaring as Osama.

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