Tuesday, February 21, 2006

It's Tuesday, Last Week of the Month, Where are the Parts?

Another "end of the month" week and sure enough we're short on parts. GM says there's no part's problem.....sure looks like one to me!!!

Are all American business managers (GM, CFO, CEO,COO, etc) so brainwashed into ignoring the bald truth that surrounds them? Why does it seem so difficult for upper management to figure out what is painfully clear to everyone else in the company?

Perhaps it is the 'Emperor's New Clothes' syndrome. Mid level managers fear for their precious jobs and won't tell the GM what the real truth is. Doesn't help that most GM's ignore the glaring warning signs from all directions indicating serious problems.

Speaking of GM's....GM, as in General Mismangement, The automobile manufacturer, is headed for more layoffs. It seems to me the layoffs have been their annual M.O. for the last several decades! One would think that by now, they would have understood the old saying about what defines stupidity... I guess not. So much for trying those newfangled ideas, eh?

Well, enough ragging on our hapless management in this country. Maybe they are just following the billiionaire losers at Enron, who swear they didn't know that they were outright stealing by using such deceptive (and frighteningly standardized) accounting practices.

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Aunt Chrissy said...

It's probably not the same way at your company, but I've noticed that 9 times out of 10, in my company, the problem isn't the GM (or equivalent position) or the "underlings", but those mid-level managers - and if the underlings can get up the courage to talk directly to the GM instead of following "standard practices", things tend to improve. Though it does make it harder to go back to work and deal with the mid-level managers again!