Wednesday, February 08, 2006

All this carnage over a cartoon?

The nice thing about having a blog that very few people on the internet notice is that you can write about pretty much anything without worry of upsetting some touchy types like those 'peaceful' muslims who are burning embassies over a cartoon....a cartoon...

Think about it for a moment. What benefits to civilisation as a whole has Islam brought? Yet we have politicians (by and large-Democrats) tripping over each other to bend over backward to court a religious group that has the LEAST tolerance of any other religion. It seems the wacky left (ACLU) types are the most ga-ga over Islam as a cause celebre. The ACLU's zeal to quash ANY semblence of Christianity in America makes them quite appealing to radical (and even less radical) muslim islamic groups. The ACLU (Anti Civilisation Lunatics Union) desires to court such radical, and denounce (if not wholly destroy) much if not all the Judeo-Christian values that shaped the "Western" world.

All this, while muslims burn embassies, denounce America and any western civilisation, cut off people's heads and send the video live around the world on the internet. Thses are not the acts of a civilsed culture, but rather a culture driven by the infantile desire to control every living soul around them and yet proclaim that they are only 'doing what is right' according to their manifesto, the koran.

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