Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The day after Valentine's

Life in LA is different, though in many ways, just like any other major metropolis with a few million, gazillion people. Valenitne's day proved to be no exception with the usual fare of traffic snarls on freeways, surface streets, and even our one subway. All in all things still worked out, though decidedly differently than either of us imagined beforehand. I would guess there were many subway riders who had similar experiences.

Our real difference is that we don't get real seasons like winter or fall. Temp's on Valentine's day were a balmy 70-75 downtown in mid February! Along with that, though, is no rain or other excitement, weatherwise.


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Aunt Chrissy said...

And now our glorious Mayor wants to extend the subway to Santa Monica! I'm sure it will be run just as efficiently and effectively as the current line. ;-)