Tuesday, September 23, 2008

eBay's community boards...the Worlds most expen$ive BBS!!!

For all you eBay members perhaps you should look into the eBay "community" boards. On a per capita basis it has got to be the most expensive semi public chatroom ever! Almost every category has negative comments about eBoneheads latest policy change of the month. Watch eBay stock dwindle along with its seller (and subsequently its buyer) base. seems every week, the stock hits a new low. Follow the new CEO John Donahue's clueless direction of the worlds LARGEST auction site down the path of finacial ruin! WoW! Once in a lifetime opportunity to witness firasthand the demise of the best thing to happen to the internet, a demise brought about by 40-something nownothings in the business world! A must see for any fledgling entrepenuer, just ask Pierre M. Omidyar the founder of eBay if eBay is the same company he founded back in 1995. Of course Mr. Omidyar is a multi multi millionaire who could care less that his company has sold it's soul to the devil. He even agrees with John Donahoe. So much for entrepenurial spirit.

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