Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas from the outgoing Democrats

Ooops, modern liberal Democrats don't say Merry Christmas anymore since that phrase is "politically incorrect". Fortunately conservatives still do!

The lame duck Democrat's parting gifts were more bloated, pork laden legislation that effectively seals the fate of our country. While it was nice of the Dem's to pass the (limited) extension of the Bush tax cuts, they foiled growth by extending unemployment benefits without having a way to pay for it. (more debt, thanks to the Dem's).

Just this week, they passed the START treaty, only to have the Russians hold off in order to more closely inspect the terms of the treaty. Again, nice Job Dem's for passing legislation without even reading or debating it.

Jan, 6th will be a happy day as the Dem's trifecta majority will be officially broken.

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