Sunday, January 28, 2007

Last post about Byzcath....I hope

Originally posted by Michael R:
"My priest said last night that he is upset. That all the priests are upset. I do not know this Professor Thompson but my priest told me that he is a former Roman Catholic priest. So it is clericalism all the way around. Why did the bishops hire a former Roman Catholic priest to be in charge of our music? My priest also told me that the bishops hired a Roman Catholic choir from Chicago to make the tapes of how to sing the New Divine Liturgy. Why are the bishops bringing in Roman Catholics to teach Byzantine Catholics how to sing? I guess that shows that the bishops think that Roman Catholics are better. We sing very well in my parish thank you. "

Though tonight your priest now indicates he learned of PROF Thompson's past with the Johnstown Orthodox Diocese. Your priest, like many on this board unfortunately repeated incorrect information without bothering to verify it. It is such behaviour that has fueled such distrust and disagreement within our church. In this age of instant communication such misinformation spread about carelessly, while not slanderous in intent, has the same effect upon the individual as deliberate slander. Once slander gets out, it becomes harder to rectify the slander even when evidence (truth) clearly shows the misinformation.

While we have dislikes, disagreements, and discussions about the "RDL","NDL","revisionist" liturgy here, we should not use the bulletin board as a platform for scapegoating or defamation.

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