Monday, September 03, 2007

Made in America?

Is anything made in America anymore? It seems that even American names have sold out to manufacturing in China. China, land of great pollution and poison products being exported to USA. Seems that lately even our produce is being imported from China. Take a look at the country of origin for much of the produce at your local supermarket, I guarantee a surprise in store as you find formerly locally grown items are now imported items from (da da daaa) China.

If we don't get off our lazy American asses, we will be a third world country begging for scraps from the polluted wastelands of modern day China. Keep in mind that the Chinese government has NO food and drug guidelines. They care little about what chemicals are in their exports, so long as lazy Americans are willing to forgo quality (product safety) over price(lowest cost regardless).

I bring this up in my search for an American made push mower. Seems companies like Great States, American Mower and such while still American owned have sent all their production overseas to......China! More profit for the owners, less GNP for America! What an economy we live in!

Start looking at the labels of where things are made and make the conscious choice to actually buy American even if the price is higher. Why? If enough people do this the prices will drop because it will make business sense to produce locally again rather than halfway around the planet.

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