Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Espanol esta segunda lingua por Los Estados Unidos?

Not if I can help it!!!

When has Spanish become the unofficial "official" second language of this country?

While it is nice to help those Mexicans who refuse or can't learn to speak English, why do we as a country spend so much effort catering to one specific ethnic identity which refuses to assimilate? Most other ethnic groups fall into such at third place category as to only garner very local second language usage for street signs or business signs. Why does this country spend so much effort capitulating to Mexico?

As an economy, Mexico hardly poses a threat to America, yet we seem uncharacteristically afraid of any action that might be perceived as American-nationalistic toward Mexico. The very idea of maintaining a secure border with Mexico is seen by liberals as unAmerican, yet with the same breath, we strive to secure our airports against foreign invasion to a degree unsurpassed at the US-Mexico border!!!

Perhaps it will take as "peaceful" muslim* terrorist coming in via the Mexican border to scare the liberal establishment into taking proper action to secure our border.

Maybe it is time to pull our troops from Iraq and have them protecting our border here instead? Personally I feel we will need to maintain troop presence in Iraq to control the warring factions and prevent a power vacuum which allows unsavory (to the US) leaders from rising to power.

*Keeping in mind that islam professes to be a religion of peace while advocating the killing of all who are considered un-convertable infidels.

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