Tuesday, November 28, 2006

More thoughts on Byzcath, then I'll give it a rest.....

Stopped by byzcath.org to catch up on what all has happened on the "Revised Liturgy" forum since I last checked earlier this month. It seems downright quiet compared to a month ago. Only the 'Anti revision' camp remains, (the regular posters defending the revision have left) and without any counterpoint they have little to say anymore. The wind has been let from their sails.

Since our bishops seem to feel that whatever decision they make will not affect us they appear to be making no decision at all pro or con. I had hoped that there would be some concensus on the issue of revisions particularly in the area of setting the words to the more original prostopinije melodies.

In either case, my own life has been happier since I stopped wandering by the forums on byzcath. The outright lack of charity there had grown to an intolerable level for me and my pointing out any uncharitable posts only drew anger from the administrator who felt that by editing posts or deleting them the dis-charity was excised. The only problem I had with the editing of posts wasw that the posts were edited in such a way that actually COUNTERED the original poster's position (without that person being able to control the edit).

That will be my last remark on the still sore subject of what was once an excellent Eastern Catholic bulletin board, now run amuk by self serving administrators (many of whom are Orthodox {which raises questions regarding the "Catholic" in the BBS name}) who feel that unless opinions square up with their own, it's time to edit or delete or ban the user. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted.

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