Thursday, October 30, 2008

The times, they are a "change"-ing

The soon to be emperor has no clothes, but far be it for the "mainstream" media to tell him that! The poor mainstream media is so ga-ga over BO they can't comprehend how much he has pulled the wool over their eyes.

"Change" is a nice word, but without defining it, what does change really mean for the Democrats who blindly follow the Obamanation? It would seem that change for them is the "re-equalisation" of wealth among rich and poor. What a pleasant socialist agenda! Reward fiscal conservatism? Reward entrepreneurship? HARDLY! The Democrats want to take what you already have and redistribute it to the undeserving masses while simultaneously sinking any hope of realising the "American Dream". They would rather you didn't own a house, or drive the car you like, oh hell, they even want to control how your church can celebrate it's religion by forcing them to accept gay marriage.

Things sure are "change"-ing already even before BO loses on Nov. 4th!!!

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