Tuesday, December 16, 2008

eBay eliminates "live" help...

....and interestingly, the same day they eliminate "live" help their stock rises by 8+ %!!!!

For the typical shareholder who doesn't seem to care about the company's policies, that is wonderful news. To them the slump is over, happy days are here again. However, this may just be the peak of the dead cat bounce which will happen in January after the quarter ends.

Donahoe is just the lightining rod for the whole executive board's actions. Even Pierre Omidyar seems all too happy with Donahoe's leadership.

The 'best match' for us to get the message across is to simply stop selling via eBay, don't buy anything via eBay. It doesn't require anyone to suspend accounts or anything drastic.

Just say "NO" to eBay this Christmas!
No listings
No buying

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