Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The post eBay era has begun

So, those Q4 reports finally came out from eBay and their stock promptly went down as expected. What they at eBay don't seem to expect is any corelation with their change of basic business plan with the precipitous drop in revenues. As usual the business degreed management types, including the less than one year tenured CEO John Donahoe, blames the problems on the market, the economy etc. Never mind that his "disruptive innovation" was poorly planned and much worse, poorly timed. Never mind that eBay is one of the Nasdaq 100 so if they go down, the Nasdaq index will likely also go down with them (not after them). is yesterday's news. In years past they were the place to sell or buy. will bump them off the top of the hill in this latest round of online battles.

It's too bad for those shareholders that bought eBay stock in hopes of being a part of something truly American and unique as eBay was. Their stock is languishing and their image is tarnished more than the antique and collectible bargains one used to be avle to find there.

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