Monday, March 16, 2009

All In Greed

AIG used to be called American International Group, but I think it's time to call a spade a spade and rename the company "All-In Greed" since the corporate CEO's have no moral soul, only a purely capitalist soul.

Of course, they gave bonuses to all those who helped them to get some (not s0) FREE government money. Hey, our congress gave the money with NO STRINGS attached! Now they want to attach some ROPES!!! 90% ex post facto taxation!!?? Boy, did we elect some STUPID polliticians. Though I'm sure that the management of AIG still feels that the right politicians were voted in because they got Billions of dollars to "save the company" which really meant "save our pathetic bonuses" from bankruptcy.

Now, the esteamed and utterly reprehensible congressman, Bawny Fwank wants to have AIG return the bonus money, a paltry 175 million out of as many billions, in real terms 1/1000 the money we the taxpayers have already given AIG to "bail" them out. Strangely about the time the bonuses were paid, AIG suddenly shows a "profit" to justify the bonuses.... hmmm.

The whole situation is a game of collusion between the Democrats and the Banks. Notice how differently the Democrats are handling the Auto Manufacturers...'let them eat cake'.

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