Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Redistribution of wealth is only a means to a beginning and an end to a growing economy

The idea that redistribution of wealth builds up society is rediculous. If our country has a trillion dollar deficit that we need to close, we could take all the money from 1000 billionaires and pay it off. Unfortunately, the ranks of the destitute would swell by 1000, who would then have to ask for financial aid from the very same government that just took their money. Guess what? We stil won't have enough money, because those billionaires supported thousands if not tens of thousands of jobs. More unemployed on the government rolls taking money from the trillion just confiscated to pay off the debt (which is still rising as all this is going on).
The very idea is being touted as "health care reform" by our dear leader Barry Sotero aka Barak Obama (POTUS), and many of our elected "representatives" in government. If enough people don't want what government offers, and government forces it uopn the population, is there any representation in our government? NO. By that, it does truly mean that we as a people are being taxed (by our government) without representation (the will of the people).

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