Friday, October 30, 2009

ECO Government=World Government


Mark Steyn gets it right on regarding the cap and tax scheme:

"In the name of “the environment,” the state gets to regulate everything you do. The cap-and-trade bill recently passed by the U.S. House of Representatives, for example, is a bold assault on property rights: in order to sell your home—whether built in 2006 or 1772—you would have to bring it into compliance with whimsical, eternally evolving national “energy efficiency” standards, starting with a 50 per cent reduction in energy use by 2018. Fail to do so and it would be illegal for you to enter into a private contract with a willing buyer."

Sure, that will help reduce "carbon emmissions".....and kill the prospect of private home ownership forever! Just what the elites want. Democrats (read liberals) really don't wan't the average person to be able to afford a house. They want the impression that they can to keep an idea of the "American Dream" alive for another generation. As long as they can squeeze more taxes from the middle to pay for those bleeding heart programs so inefficiently run by government for the poor (designed that way to keep the poor poor while keeping the middle class from rising), the elites will be able to maintain their cozy carbon laden footprints ahile mandateing everyone reduce their standard of living. Quite simply: Greed on a Grand Scale!

"“The environment” is the most ingenious cover story for Big Government ever devised. You float a rumour that George W. Bush is checking up on what library books you’re reading, and everyone goes bananas. But announce that a government monitoring device has been placed in every citizen’s trash can in the cause of “saving the planet,” and the world loves you."

The whole article is well written regarding the concept of "saving the planet" for us or for our children is nothing more than a very well disguised political power grab on a world level by an elite oligarchy that would contriol everyone else while being able freely live against the rules they have set up to restrict all of the world's societies.

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