Saturday, October 09, 2010

California politics

Like it or not, Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown won't win a third trip around as California's governor, nor should he. The voters of California will make sure of that.

Try as he might with smear tactics, manipulating a not so innocent illegal alien former maid of Meg Whitman by way of the ever over the top Gloria Allred through covert contacts, he will still not win. His case is so flimsy that it unraveled before Ms Allred was finished with her first of several high profile news conferences.

Meanwhile, former governor "Moonbeam" Jerry has jumped into the fire from the frying pan with a laughably pathetic reference to Meg Whitman as a "whore". Jerry should well know that all politicians are indeed 'whores', including himself. So the "whore" remark really shouldn't have caused much in the way pf political hay. Jerry implicitly made it clear he doesn't understand the technology of a speaker phone; when you are finished with the message make sure you really did hang up the phone!

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