Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A look at where health care reform went badly wrong.

Sadly the situation has been so co opted trough a badly "written" bill called the ""Affordable" health care act" and the abuses tossed about by the current administration regarding Mandates that shouldn't have happened.
The point about employer based health care locking people into jobs they can't leave out of worry about losing (affordable) health care altogether.
I tried getting health insurance on my own, but due to 'preexisting conditions' was effectively denied. Strange enough by the time we are all adults, almost 100% will have some sort of health care coverage disqualifying 'preexisting condition'.

Now that the "genie" of the poorly named "affordable health care" bill is out and wreaking its havoc on our economy, we may never be able to properly fix the health care issue from either side of the aisle. And all this because of hyper partisan politics.

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