Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bill Me Later, Paypal

As eBay slowly sinks into the murky depths of its own depravity, I had a funny thought about the "new" company that ebay is trying top fashion itself into...a non regulated finacial institution that will be the merger of Bill Me Later and Paypal, which I feel should have the post merger name of "Bill Me Later, Paypal...an eBay corporation".

It seems fitting that such a once revered online company as eBay should be villified by its own stupendous idiocy as changing its corporat e direction during the worst economic downturn in the last half century! By all rights eBay should have OWNED the market in auctions given the recession, rather they have forced out the sellers who made them what they are in favor of a few "diamond" power sellers who are mostly eBay subordinate corporations such as Buy.com.

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